National Removals

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National Removals

A move is much more than moving objects. It often represents a shift toward a new life, or perhaps a new opportunity. Whatever the reason, it’s a big change and at Transport Tot, we’re aware that we don’t carry things in our truck, we carry your life.

We always work well in advance and organize and schedule your move in a completely personalized way. First, we visit your home to determine what needs and particularities your move has, so that we can make a tailor-made, no-obligation quote tailored to your needs.

“With the strength of an elephant and the speed of skates!” our team of professionals will carry out your move in an organized and fast way. That’s why most of our removals are done in one day.

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Our National Removals service includes:

Disassembly and assembly:

Equipment with extensive experience in disassembling and assembling furniture, quickly and safely.

Lifting platform rental:

To make things difficult, we offer hourly rental of lifting platforms for individuals or companies.

Packing supply:

We provide you with standard size boxes and a wardrobe box to move your clothes hanging.

Parking permits:

We make the necessary arrangements to park our vehicles and / or cranes during loading and unloading.

Packing boxes

Optionally, we offer the service of packing and unpacking objects. Carefully and with all the guarantees.

Full service insurance:

We have three types of insurance: liability, transportation and freight handling.

No-obligation quote

You tell us exactly what you need, and from there we value the work and make you a tailor-made budget.